Hello from sunny San Diego! If you work by referral, you may be familiar with the "pop by" gift as a way of connecting with your clients. I love browsing the web for fresh ideas and have decided to share some of my own. I hope you find them as easy and fun to give away as I have. And remember, if you have clients who are moving to San Diego...I am never too busy for YOUR referrals! I would be honored to help them with their real estate needs.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Giving Plate

I recently read the book "The Go-Giver" by Bob Burg. It's an easy read and I highly recommend it! This pop by idea was a result of brainstorming some ideas on how I could be a better "giver". It's called a "giving plate" and the idea is to pay it forward. The message that is hand printed on the plate says:

This plate shall have no owner
for its journey never ends...
it travels in the circle of
our family and our friends.
It carries love from home to home
for everyone to share...
the food that's placed upon it
is filled with love and care.
So please enjoy what's on this
then fill it up again
and pass along the
love it holds
to family and your

I purchased 5 of these plates and had them customized on the back with my contact information. I am loading them up with goodies and giving them to 5 friends...who will in turn give it to a friend...who will give it to another friend...and another...and another...It's the pop by gift that keeps on giving! 

You can purchase your own customized plate from the shop I found on Etsy, CelebrateFun. Be sure and mention that Mary referred you!

And if you have family or clients that are moving to beautiful San Diego, I am never too busy for YOUR referrals!

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